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Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Are you transitioning from school to the clinical environment?  Our podcasts include prominent healthcare professionals addressing the transition from physical therapy to educational careers.

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Greg Lehman- Teaching People About Pain & Movement

Greg Lehman comes onto HET Podcast to talk about how to teach and treat people with persistent pain. Greg discusses how he developed this thought processes on pain science from initially going through school, what pain is, what we've learned from research about pain,...

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Francisco Maia- Canine Rehabilitation Perspective

We welcome to the podcast Dr. Francisco Maia PT, DPT, CCRT,  the K9PT!!  Dr. Maia talks about his introduction into canine rehabilitation, the path to certification, his need to educate others about the specialty, and how physical therapists and other rehab...

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Dr. Barbara Sanders- An Overview of ACAPT

Barbara Sanders, Current President of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT), comes onto the show to talk about her story and how she got involved with ACAPT, What ACAPT is, the history and mission of ACAPT, ACAPT's role in DPT education, ACAPT...

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Brent Brookbush- Teaching Movement Science

Today we welcome Dr. Brent Brookbush for a discussion on novel ways to provide student centered education and how technology can improve learning within the realm of the movement professions. Dr. Brookbush discusses his views on current human movement science...

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Adriaan Louw- Teaching Children About Pain

Dr. Adriaan Louw, Physical Therapist/Pain Science Researcher/Founder of the International Spine & Pain Institute, comes onto the show today about teaching children about pain. He talks about how children form beliefs, behavior change in children,  research...

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Christine Walker- Pediatrics Educational Perspective

Christine Walker, Owner of Christine Walker Physical Therapy, comes on the show to discuss her experience, education, and perspective working in various pediatric rehabilitation settings. She discusses her journey that led her to pediatrics, what she learned from...

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Self Reflection of Our Own Transformation Thus Far Part 2

Hosts Brandon Poen, F. Scott Feil, & Stephanie Weyrauch along with audio editor, Kulwinder Singh, talk about their personal reflections on how they've changed since being involved with HET podcast. Unfortunately, Ryan Maurer (Social Media Manager) and Dustin...

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