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About The Podcast

Why do I feel like I have no idea what I am doing as a new professional?

This is the question that inspired all three of the hosts of The Healthcare Education Transformation (HET) Podcast. And this is the question that unites many of our listeners.

After a few months of starting his job as a physical therapist, Brandon Poen, HET’s Founder, realized he felt underprepared to navigate through the real clinical environment.

While pursuing a terminal degree (EdD), F. Scott Feil, a practicing physical therapist for over 10 years, recognized his feelings of frustration and discouragement were symptoms of burnout.

In conversations with others, Stephanie Weyrauch discerned that many of her friends had difficulty finding supportive mentors during their clinical affiliations and in their new roles as clinicians.

Together, Brandon, Scott and Stephanie have combined their talents to create The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast—expert content aimed at optimizing and standardizing healthcare education and healthcare delivery. They interview the brightest minds across the fields of healthcare and education to promote innovation and leadership in physical therapy.

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Who We Are

Purpose: The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast challenges current concepts in healthcare education to advance healthcare delivery


Mission: The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast creates expert content aimed at optimizing and standardizing healthcare education and delivery.


Core Values:

Inquisitive – We embrace learning.
Optimistic – We are optimistic about the future.
Open-minded – We are receptive to change.
Innovative – We want others to examine healthcare through a unique lens.
Collaboration – We help other professionals incorporate technology and transition into new roles.
Cultivate excellence – We continually inspire others to be their best selves.

Vision: The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast will be innovative, provide valuable content and will be sought after.

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About The Hosts

As a new physical therapist, Brandon was frustrated with the lack of preparation he felt he received from this academic and clinical education to navigate the real clinical environment. Brandon is a life-long learner and wanted to help other physical therapists have the best educational experience possible to optimally best prepare them for the real world. He was interested in becoming an educator but did not know how this process worked. In navigating this process, the roles and opportunities that exist, Brandon decided to form the Healthcare Education Transformation (HET) Podcast. He performed a market analysis and reached out to other experts who referred him to his podcast partner, F. Scott Feil.


Scott had been practicing as a practicing physical therapist for 10 years. and During this time, he experienced burnout. He was pursuing a terminal degree (EdD) and became frustrated with the current educational system. So he and was thrilled to join Brandon in his quest to navigate the realm of healthcare education. Brandon and F Scott began interviewing leaders in healthcare education. Throughout this process, they began to realize that their perspective was limited. They were interested in diversifying the podcast’s insight to reach and understand the viewpoints of the physical therapy professional association, the American Physical Therapy Association. This is where they reached out to Stephanie Weyrauch.


Stephanie joined the HET Team because of her desire to improve the profession of physical therapy. A common theme had that resonated with Stephanie in her conversation with students:  was that they did not (1) feel prepared to navigate the clinical world or (2) felt poor mentorship during clinical rotations affected their confidence level as new physical therapists. Stephanie believes that the best way to get physical therapists to be leaders in healthcare is to start with students. Therefore, if we can continue to enhance healthcare education, physical therapists can begin to be leaders in innovation.

Dr. Brandon Poen, PT, DPT, Cert DN, CEO/Founder:

Brandon is the founder and CEO of the Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast. He is currently undergoing Fellowship training in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy from Bellin College (formerly Evidence in Motion) and is a physical therapist currently working at VCU Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill, Virginia. He is originally from Bourbonnais, IL and he graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2015 with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Minor in Spanish.  Brandon’s clinical interests include orthopedics, pain science, Parkinson’s disease, and working with recreational athletes. Personal interests include exercising, hiking, and flying. Brandon plans to become more involved in PT entry-level and post-professional education along with contributing to educational reform through service with others and the professional associations.

Dr. F. Scott Feil, PT, DPT, EdD, CFO/Co-Founder:

F Scott earned his BA in English from Wake Forest University, however, following his graduation, his career trajectory would change drastically.  F Scott went on to earn his Masters in Physical Therapy from East Carolina University, his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St Augustine and is finishing up his dissertation for his Doctorate in Education through the University of St Augustine as well. It should become obvious that F Scott is a lifelong learner at this point as he has practically been employed as a professional student for the last 14 years (and will be sad to see that aspect of his career come to an end soon).  But Dr. Feil is also a licensed physical therapist, a primary preventionist and is not only interested in helping people heal and correct movement dysfunctions, but empowering them by giving them the knowledge of why things are happening and how they can best be addressed based on the most relevant and up to date information and research available. His vision is to impact the general public as well as the PT and healthcare professions to become more knowledgeable on learning about Physical Therapy, health, wellness, and prevention of chronic diseases through everyday engagements to help people become the healthiest and best version of themselves. Scott is the co-founder, CFO of the Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast…

Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch, PT, DPT, MSCI, COO

Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch is the COO and co-host of The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast and practices as a physical therapist at Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Centers in Orange, Connecticut. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Master of Science in Clinical Investigation from Washington University in St. Louis. She has served on multiple national task forces for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and actively lobbies for healthcare policy issues at the local, state, and national levels of government. Dr. Weyrauch is a nationally sought after speaker and consultant for topics on social media use, generational issues, and organizational membership and currently manages the social media accounts for the APTA Academy for Physical Therapy Education and PT Day of Service. Dr. Weyrauch has performed scientific research through grants from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation at world-renowned institutions including Stanford University and Washington University in St. Louis. Her research examining movement patterns and outcomes in people with and without low back pain have led to numerous local, regional, and national presentations and a peer-reviewed publication in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a top journal in rehabilitation.

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