Adam Meakins comes onto the show today to talk about his personal journey  and how his clinical beliefs have changed since he first started as a physiotherapist, most important aspects to consider when it comes to shoulder rehab, the overall limitations of the research process and limitations of how research is being conducted/published, how to best ensure that evidenced based practice principles are taught in all physio programs, pros and cons of clinical practice guidelines, and much more!

Adam Meakins and Erik Meira’s Shoulder and Knee Course in Washington D.C. on September 22-23.

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Adam is a specialist sports physiotherapist and extended scope practitioner with an interest in the management of the shoulder and upper limb. He works both in the NHS and the private sector at sites and locations around Hertfordshire Adam works with all levels of athlete, from the professional to the weekend enthusiast. He has worked in a wide variety of sports, at all levels, including first team professional football for Watford and West Ham FC. Adam is still involved in professional sport consulting on complex shoulder cases at various clubs within the London area.  With this experience and qualifications as a Strength and Conditioning coach, Adam is well suited to treat all levels and all types of sports injuries, also as a keen sportsman himself he fully understands the passion and need for a speedy return to full fitness after an injury, as well as a desire to stay at the top of the game and remain in peak physical performance. Adam has extensive post-graduate training and uses an extended range of treatments, such as diagnostic ultrasound scanning, injection therapy, isokinetic muscle testing and force plate gait analysis. Adams is passionate about reducing the risk of injury and is determined to raise awareness and make available to all, evidence based injury reduction strategies. Adam is also passionate about the use of evidence based practice within all areas of physiotherapy and is keen to educate both patients and therapists in the vast differences in quality and effectiveness of some treatments Adam has lectured and taught on the undergrad Physio program at Brunel University, and also teaches a very popular weekend shoulder course that promotes a simple effective evidenced based approach, Adam regularly is invited to talk at conferences & events nationally and internationally promoting his simple, sensible, and evidence based approach to all things, with his usual fun, informal, yet controversial style.