Brett Neilson, Director of Admissions at Evidence in Motion, comes on the show today to discuss his thoughts on whether residency in physical therapy education should or should not be mandatory, difference between residency and fellowship programs, pros and cons of residency training, how to apply to a residency/fellowship program, tips to get into a residency/fellowship program, pros and cons of teaching within a residency/fellowship program, how PTs can get involved with teaching in a residency/fellowship program, how to leverage residency/fellowship training in the world of physical therapy, and more!


Today we welcome Dr. Brett Neilson who is the  Director of Admissions at Evidence in Motion (EIM), which is the largest provider of post-professional educational programs in the PT industry. Brett got his DPT from the University of Puget Sound in 2009 and he went on to complete EIM’s Orthopedic residency and fellowship programs along with obtaining his Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certification through EIM/ISPI. Additionally, he is an EIM/ISPI faculty member. He currently resides in Newcastle, Washington and he is now working in Kent, WA as the Residency/Fellowship Director Outpatient Physical Therapy along with being the  Director of Admissions at EIM.

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