Casey Coleman and Joses Ngugi (Founders of the Pre-PT Grind) come onto the show today for a discussion into DPT education overall from their perspective. Topics covered include: What they think school is/has prepared them well for, what they think could be beneficial to add to DPT programs, candidacy for acceptance into DPT programs, most common question they get from Pre PTs, How they address if deciding to study PT is right for an individual, what they have learned about best teaching Pre-PTs, and more!


Casey Coleman is originally from Chicago Illinois and currently a doctor of physical therapy student at Andrews University in Berrien Springs Michigan and he will be graduating in 2018. He received his bachelor of health science from Andrews University in 2015. He admires the ability of the body to heal itself, with an interest in human biomechanics that respects human anatomy. Casey is the co founder of pre PT grind and the associate director of social media for  Outside of physical therapy his hobbies include learning, laughing, music, and sports. Casey can be reached at his website     

Joses Ngugi is a recent DPT graduate from Andrews University in Michigan. Joses was originally born in the lovely country of Kenya on the continent of Africa. While he does hold a Batchelor’s degree in Health Sciences along with his graduate level DPT degree, his passions go beyond academics. He loves to Travel both domestically and internationally, he loves sports with a specific appreciation for the Los Angeles Lakers and most importantly his family and God are number 1 in his life. He is also he Co-Founder of Pre-PT Grind and the founder of the soon- to be released Pre-PT Success program. Joses can be reached on his social media platforms as well as his website

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