Today we welcome Dr. David Butler onto the show for a discussion into Conceptual Change Science. Conceptual Change is a branch of educational psychology focusing on learners having well developed existing misconceived knowledge. David discusses effective strategies for the public and professional misconceived knowledge, his take on where educational psychology research needs to focus more on, how to use conceptual change for a patient for a case study, conceptual change with teaching students, and much more!


Dr. David Butler is an Author and the director of the Neuro Orthopedic Institute out of Adelaide, Australia. He attended The University of Queensland where he obtained a Bachelors of Physiotherapy, and a graduate diploma in Advanced Manipulative Therapy. He then went on to get his Masters at the University of South Australia on the sympathetic Nervous System, and then an eventual Doctorate in Education from Flinders University.

David is a clinician, an international freelance educator, an Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of South Australia and an Honoured Lifetime Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. His professional interests focus around the integration of neurobiology into clinical decision making and public and professional education in pain, stress and performance management. Food, wine and fishing are also research interests. Author of numerous book chapters and articles and the texts including “Explain Pain”, “Explain pain Supercharged”, and many more.

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