Brandon & F. Scott chat with Katrina Kneeskern while attending Smart Success PT Live in Clearwater Beach, Florida during Memorial Day weekend 2018. Katrina shares her journey highlighting the ups and downs of her path as a clinician along with her advice to students & clinicians.

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Katrina Kneeskern, DPT, Cert. DN,FAAOMPT FIT, Cert SMT and Dip Osteopractic

DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY — DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY/CERTIFIED DRY NEEDLING/FELLOWSHIP IN ORTHOPEDIC MANUAL PHYSICAL THERAPY FIT Katrina Kneeskern grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She originally pursued her BFA at Marymount Manhattan College, New York, but after sustaining injury requiring hospitalization and being witness to 9/11, Katrina decided to move back to Minnesota and devote her life to serving, helping and healing other people. Katrina completed her BS in Psychology and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at St. Catherine University in 2008. She spent her first 7 years as a physical therapist in Tucson, Arizona. Katrina moved back to the Twin Cities in 2015 to be closer to her family. Katrina’s primary expertise is in orthopedic outpatient settings. Her skills include a focus on manual therapy as she uses cupping, dry needling, osteopathic joint mobilizations and myofascial release to gain necessary mobility before stabilizing with postural re-education, Pilates, and yoga based exercises to increase stability. She loves to finalize a treatment plan into the strength phase with functional lifting and loading the tissue to allow the endurance of those muscles to sustain injury free optimal wellness. Her goals are to increase body awareness and incorporate preventative care to help maintain healing for patients. Katrina is well versed in treating and diagnoses ranging across the spectrum of acute, post-op, neuro, overuse injuries and other orthopedic conditions. Katrina is committed to spreading the knowledge of wellness tools as well as delivering treatments and education for the overall health and well-being of patients. Katrina is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and is in the process of acquiring her FAAOMPT and desires to finish completing her Pilates certification to supplement all of her dance medicine education. Katrina continues to enjoy dancing in her free time as well as running, cycling, hiking and yoga. She enjoys spending time at the lakes with her nieces, friends and family.