Stephanie & Brandon chat with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann at the 2018 APTA NEXT Conference in Orlando, Florida. Shirley shares her story into how she has transformed to where she is today, discussing the movement system, education solutions, discussing her ideal vision for the physical therapy profession, and much more.

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Shirley Sahrmann, professor emerita of physical therapy at Washington University, studies movement patterns and their impact on musculoskeletal disease and overall health.

Dr. Sahrmann, BSPT ’58, MA ’71, PhD ’73  was the first to propose that there is a human movement system—a physiological system that produces and supports move­ment of the body. In 2000, she published a seminal textbook on the subject, Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes, that was translated into seven languages. A leader in her field, she has brought distinction to Washington University’s Program in Physical Therapy, ranked in the top 1 percent of physical therapy programs nationwide.

As a co-chair of Our Washington: Together, We Make a Difference, the faculty and staff component of the university’s Leading Together campaign, Dr. Sahrmann is focused on a big goal: to further advance the university’s mission among those who know it best. She says that for the university to succeed, it must increase support for scholarships, fellowships, research, and pro­grams.

Dr. Sahrmann has been investing in the School of Medicine for many years. She sponsors the annual Movement System Scholarship and several years ago estab­lished the Shirley A. Sahrmann Endowed Scholarship Fund, both in the Program in Physical Therapy. To help ensure the pro­gram’s success, she recently made an estate commitment for continued support of scholarships and a lectureship in physical therapy.