Erik Meira comes on the show today to talk about LE and knee clinical rehabilitation along with how to improve DPT education. Erik discusses the key things with examining and treating the knee, his thoughts on regional interdependence valgus with landing from a jump, role of orthotics, limitations of the research and publication process, pros and cons of clinical practice guidelines, his message to all PT educators/CAPTE and FSBPT, and much more.

Adam Meakins and Erik Meira’s Shoulder and Knee Course in Washington D.C. on September 22-23.

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Erik Meira is available for lectures and continuing education courses. For more information regarding scheduling speaking events use the contact form. Currently scheduled events are listed on the Course Schedule page.

The Science PT was created by Erik Meira, PT, DPT and is about exploring the application of science to physical therapy practice. Science is an attempt to understand nature as it is, not as it is believed to be. Understanding that beliefs and expectations should never be held too dearly is the first step in critical thinking. There is ALWAYS an alternate hypothesis to consider in every situation. Erik Meira is a physical therapist with Black Diamond Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon. He is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with extensive experience in the management of sports injuries at many different levels. He also created and oversees the PT Podcast Network.

The son of an engineer and a school teacher, he developed a love of science at a young age often running home experiments comparing/contrasting the effectiveness of products such as detergents and preservatives. Before beginning physical therapy school he studied philosophy and psychology while geeking out on chemistry and physics courses. Although he follows medical science professionally, he is a fan of all fields of science, particularly particle physics and astrophysics.

He began his rehab training at the University of Florida where he had the opportunity to be a student athletic trainer with Gator Football. After finishing his physical therapy degree, he moved on to The George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC where he overhauled the patient education program and became a physical therapy adviser to the GWU Medical School. After moving to Portland, OR he started his own private practice Elite Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine now called Black Diamond Physical Therapy. He also founded and directed the Northwest Society for Sports Medicine, a group of regional sports medicine providers who provided continuing education, professional support, and community outreach in the Pacific Northwest.

Erik is extremely active in the Sports Section serving on the membership committee since 2005, followed by becoming the membership committee team coordinator in 2010. In 2008 he helped initiate, organize, and then chair the Hip Special Interest Group. Since 2012 he has been the Sports Section Program Chair for Combined Sections Meeting (CSM). He has authored several articles and textbook chapters and has lectured at conferences around the world sponsored through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Physical Therapy Association, and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association covering topics such as the hip, knee, shoulder, exercise prescription, returning athletes to sport, science application, and PT practice business models. In his free time, he enjoys mountaineering, skiing/snowboarding, backpacking, and travel.