Greg Lehman comes onto HET Podcast to talk about how to teach and treat people with persistent pain. Greg discusses how he developed this thought processes on pain science from initially going through school, what pain is, what we’ve learned from research about pain, his thoughts on posture and it’s relationship to pain, dosage of interventions, explaining pain, and much more!

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Greg Lehman BKin, MSc, DC, MScPTA is a Physiotherapist MScPT  – Chiropractor DC – Strength and Conditioning Specialist -Spine and Exercise Biomechanics Expert (MSc and BKin). 

Greg has an interesting educational combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic and strength and conditioning training.   He spent 2 1/2 years completing a MSc in spine biomechanics, 4 full time years in chiropractic college (spending more than 15 hours per week for four years practicing manual therapy) and seven years working as a researcher in exercise and clinical biomechanics.  After working for several years, he spent an additional 2 years obtaining a MSc in Physiotherapy (Queen’s)

He has been in the rehabilitation field for more than 20 years. Following his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology (4 full time University years)  he was awarded the Canadian Society for ExercisePhysiology Gold Medal for highest academic performance in Kinesiology.  This degree allowed him to obtain certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Fitness Appraiser and he worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach for Sir Wilfrid University’s Men’s Basketball team and for Queen’s University Women’s Varsity Hockey Team.

His success in university resulted in being awarded a graduate scholarship (NSERC) toWaterloo University to be 1 of only 2 Masters students studying with Dr Stu McGill, a world leader in Spine Biomechanics, exercise prescription and athletic performance.

As a faculty member at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, hr developed a research program that produced more than 20 publications on exercise biomechanics, golf fitness and the science of manual therapy. He taught more than 25 graduate students in Spine Biomechanics and Research Instrumentation and supervised more than 50 students and 20 undergraduate research theses.

He was subsequently awarded a  Researcher of the Year award by the Ontario Chiropractic Association.