Jamey Schrier, Author and Founder of the Practice Freedom Method, comes onto HET Podcast to discuss physical therapy business tips along with discussing business education in DPT Education and so much more!

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HET LITE Tool: www.pteducator.com/het    Anywhere Healthcare: https://anywhere.healthcare/ (code: HET)   Biography:   Jamey Schrier is the Owner of ProFlex Physical Therapy and is the Founder & CEO of the Practice Freedom Method. He graduated with his DPT from University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2007.

In 2004, Jamey Schrier was facing the soul-crushing struggles of private practice ownership. He couldn’t figure out how to grow his business without sacrificing family, income or time.

Armed with an insatiable curiosity, Jamey invested the next 9 years and over $300,000, to learn how to free himself from his practice. At the end of his journey, Jamey finally discovered the formula to creating a self-managed, profitable and stable practice that allowed more time with his family and more time to work “on” his business.

Jamey is sharing his practice freedom methodology to practice owners all across the country who are looking for financial prosperity and a better quality of life . His book, The Practice Freedom Method: The Practice Owner’s Guide To Work Less, Earn More, And Live Your Passion, has been an Amazon #1 best seller.