Today we welcome Dr. Jason Eure, DPT on the show today for a great discussion on the breakdown of communication theory and how it relates to clinical and educational practice, how to minimize potential problems from the communication sender and receiver roles, how to assess people’s beliefs and change them, how to separate beliefs from identity during interactions, how to best ask a client/student for educational retention, how to best give feedback to a student, and much more!

Jason will be providing a free webinar on the following topic— Tendinopathy Management: Science-Based Rehab for Athletes – led by ClinicalAthlete Forum member and Physical Therapist Jason Eure. [REGISTRATION LINK]

Jason’s Bio

Jason Eure is a physical therapist practicing out of Fairfax, Virginia at Select and he is also an Online Instructor through the University of St. Augustine where he teaches Evidence Informed Practice.  He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Exercise from Virginia Tech University in 2011. He graduated from the University of St. Augustine in 2013 where he earned his DPT and was awarded the Stanley Paris and Catherine Patla Award for Excellence in Manual Therapy. He also worked as a volunteer assistant strength & conditioning coach at both the University of Richmond and Virginia Tech University.

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