Dr. Kendra Gagnon and Mark Shepherd are a part of the faculty teaching at Evidence in Motion (EIM). Kendra and Mark come on HET Podcast to share their insight on EIM’s and South College/Baylor DPT hybrid learning curriculum. They further elucidate what a hybrid program is, what are the benefits to this approach, the critiques of the program, and some theories behind how this approach can change the way we look at educating healthcare professionals. 


Kendra Gagnon, PT, PhD

Kendra initially started out as a pediatric physical therapist graduating with her masters back in 2001. Just a few years out of PT school she found her way to a PhD program in 2005 at the University of Kansas. She was part of the first DPT cohort. She started to teach and found that was her passion. She taught at University of Kansas for a few years and then at Rockhurst University for 3 years.  She was brought in to South College to teach pediatric content at their hybrid program. She kept her passion for teaching creatively to the new DPT hybrid program at Baylor University. New hybrid class started in January 2018. She  served as Chair of the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT) Communications Committee. Dr. Gagnon is active in the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT) and currently serves  as the Digital Media Editor for the journal Pediatric Physical Therapy. 

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Kendra Gagnon Personal Website: https://kendrapedpt.com/

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Mark Shepherd 

Mark started out his career graduating from Sacred Heart University with his DPT. The program at Sacred Heart University used problem based learning as a facilitator for retention. Mark went on to pursue orthopedic residency at Body Dynamics Inc. and fellowship with Evidence in Motion (EIM). Mark was able to springboard these opportunities into teaching opportunities as well at George Washington University and most recently South College where hybrid approach was being applied to the curriculum. 

Mark Shepherd Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/ShepDPT 

Mark Shepherd’s LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-shepherd-b7a847149/ 

Mark Shepherd’s CV: https://my.evidenceinmotion.com/SIS_DocumentRepository/6016_6016_20170502035828_=_Mark%20Shepherd-%20CV_EIM.pdf 

List of Resources From Episode 

Michelle Brock’s Humanizing Online Learning: https://brocansky.com/humanizing-online-learning

Strategies for Creating a Community of Inquiry through Online Asynchronous Discussions: http://jolt.merlot.org/vol10no1/denoyelles_0314.pdf 

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A Developmental Framework for Teaching Expertise in Postsecondary Education: http://connections.ucalgaryblogs.ca/files/2017/11/CC4_Teaching-Expertise-Framework-Fall-2017.pdf 

Kendra’s article on EIM Blog on Hybrid Learning: https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/blog/2018/05/25/hybrid-education-is-not-special/ 

Mark’s article on EIM Blog on PT Residency: https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/blog/2018/08/03/residency-training-in-pt-are-we-prepared-for-the-future/ 

Eric Dishman: Healthcare should be a Team Sport TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT3XyORCFDA 

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