Kyle Coffey, Program Director of the U Mass Lowell Exercise Physiology Program, comes onto HET Podcast to talk about a new undergraduate degree pathway that he helped create at U Mass Lowell focusing on population health. Kyle talks about the degree path and structure of exercise physiologists, how this program got implemented at the university, his perspective being involved with the university, and much more.

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Kyle Coffey PT, DPT, Cert MST, Cert-APHPT is  a physical therapist, exercise physiologist, faculty member, and clinical educator who is passionate about educating patients and clinicians about physical therapy, movement, health, fitness, and wellness.

Aside from traditional manual therapy and strength training, he offers blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy and is a clinical leader and educator on this treatment, having created a continuing education and certification course for clinicians called Modern Strength Training

He owns Motus Physical Therapy and Performance is an out-of-network provider, cash-based practice in Amherst, NH which primarily treats people with orthopedic conditions using orthopedic rehab, Blood flow restrictive training and telehealth

He is a full-time Lecturer and Exercise Physiology Program Director at his alma mater, the University of Massachusetts Lowell. His research interests include blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy, pain science, health promotion and disease prevention strategies, population health, and how physical activity impacts memory, cognition, and academic achievement.