Kyle Ridgeway, Physical Therapist at University of Colorado Hospital, comes on the show today to discusses his journey as a new physical therapist and how he came to be where he is now, some of the biggest mistakes that he has made in the acute care/ICU that have changed how he practices, tactics for students to have confidence and success working in the acute care/ICU settings, best CEUs/resources for the acute care/ICU clinician, how education in the hospital is unique compared to other rehab settings, how to get patient/family buy in and assess understanding in the hospital, which patient populations that he has found to be the most difficult to teach and how to overcome these difficulties, what he has learned from other healthcare providers that PTs should embrace, dos and don’ts with discussing patient status with another healthcare provider, and more. 


Kyle Ridgeway, PT, DPT, CCS is a physical therapy clinical specialist at University of Colorado Hospital where he designed and implemented a large scale and innovative quality improvement project in the medical ICU. This QI eventually became the standard practice model for the unit. Kyle is also a clinical instructor for the University of Colorado Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. He received his bachelors of arts in neuroscience from Pomona College and his doctor of physical therapy University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus. He is a board certified clinical specialist in cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy.  

Early in his career he indulged his broad clinical interests by practicing in a small, private outpatient clinic, a long term acute care hospital, and an academic acute care hospital. Currently, he is pursuing his passion for acute care physical therapy specifically for patients who are critically ill combined with his desire to bridge clinical practice, research, and critical thinking. He aids in research and speaks nationally regarding acute and critical care physical therapy, quality improvement, and PTs role in hospital readmissions.

Dr. Ridgeway is a contributor to the PT Think Tank which is a blog dedicated to critical observations about health, science, and physical therapy. There he aims to provide meaningful, challenging, and insightful analyses, but of course that’s just his opinion.

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