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Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Are you transitioning from school to the clinical environment?  Our podcasts include prominent healthcare professionals addressing the transition from physical therapy to educational careers.

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Drs. Sandra Wise & Doreen Stiskal- CAPTE Perspective

Stephanie & F. Scott talk with Dr. Sandra Wise (who is the Senior Director of CAPTE) and Dr. Doreen Stiskal  (who is the Vice Chair of CAPTE) to talk about how CAPTE contributes to physical therapy education. They discuss how CAPTE operates & collaborates...

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Education Solutions from the Audience

Brandon speaks live with the audience at the Virginia Physical Therapy Association (VPTA) Central District November meeting at South University in Richmond, VA about their perspective being involved with VPTA and their ideas to improve healthcare education. Virginia...

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Tim Fearon- Teaching Psychomotor Skills & Clinical Reasoning

Tim Fearon, Lead Faculty of Phoenix Manual Therapy & Owner of Fearon Physical Therapy, comes onto HET Podcast to talk about development and fostering psychomotor skill and clinical reasoning in healthcare professionals and much more! Tim is celebrating 40 years as...

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Kyle Coffey- Population Health Undergraduate Degree

Kyle Coffey, Program Director of the U Mass Lowell Exercise Physiology Program, comes onto HET Podcast to talk about a new undergraduate degree pathway that he helped create at U Mass Lowell focusing on population health. Kyle talks about the degree path and structure...

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Jamey Schrier- How to Teach Successful Business Owners

Jamey Schrier, Author and Founder of the Practice Freedom Method, comes onto HET Podcast to discuss physical therapy business tips along with discussing business education in DPT Education and so much more! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS A FREE STRATEGY CALL WITH...

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Dr. Julie Tilson- USC Hybrid DPT Program

Stephanie chats with Dr. Julie Tilson, Director of the USC Hybrid DPT Program, regarding USC's Hybrid Program. Julie discusses how & why USC created a hybrid program, feedback from the program thus far, evidence with hybrid compared to traditional models,...

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Kenneth Olson- IFOMPT Perspective

Ken Olson, President of IFOMPT, comes onto the show to share his insight about IFOMPT along with discussing residency and fellowships. Ken shares what IFOMPT is currently working on internationally, IFOMPT's role in Residency/Fellowship Education, barriers that IFOMPT...

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Nancy Kirsch & Richard Woolf- FSBPT Perspective

We welcome Dr. Nancy Kirsch (Current President of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy-FSBPT) and Dr. Richard Woolf (Current FSBPT Assessment Content Manager) onto HETPodcast to talk about their perspective from the US PT Licensing Organization. Nancy...

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Jim Hoyme- Leadership in Healthcare

Jim Hoyme comes on HETPodcast for an in-depth discussion into leadership in healthcare discussing where we are from a leadership perspective in physical therapy, how can we foster leadership in students and ourselves, and so much more valuable information that...

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Greg Lehman- Teaching People About Pain & Movement

Greg Lehman comes onto HET Podcast to talk about how to teach and treat people with persistent pain. Greg discusses how he developed this thought processes on pain science from initially going through school, what pain is, what we've learned from research about pain,...

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