F. Scott Feil sits down with Sandy Hilton, Sarah Haag, & Karen Litzy while they are all at CSM 2018 in New Orleans to talk about international conferences. They talk about the benefits of going to international conferences, how to navigate international conferences, how to navigate which conference is best for you to attend, differences between conferences in the U.S and conferences outside of the U.S, the guests pitch their favorite conferences, and much more!

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Sandy Hilton graduated from Pacific University (Oregon) in 1988 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Des Moines University in December 2013. She has worked in multiple settings across the US with neurologic and orthopaedic emphasis combining these with a focus in pelvic rehabilitation for pain and dysfunction since 1995. Sandy teaches  Health Professionals and Community Education classes on returning to function following back and pelvic pain, has assisted with Myofascial Release education, and co-teaches Advanced Level Male Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Treatment. Sandy’s clinical interest is chronic pain with a particular interest in complex pelvic pain disorders for men and women.  Sandy is the co-host of Pain Science and Sensibility, a podcast on the application of research into the clinic. 


Sarah Haag graduated from Marquette University in 2002 with a Master’s of Physical Therapy. Sarah has pursued an interest in treating the spine, pelvis with a specialization in women’s and men’s health.  She went on to get her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Masters of Science in Women’s Health from Rosalind Franklin University in 2008. In 2009 she was awarded a Board Certification as a specialist in women’s health (WCS). Sarah also completed a Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy from the Mckenzie Institute in 2010.  Most recently, Sarah completed a 200 hour Yoga Instructor Training Program, and is now a  Registered Yoga Instructor. Sarah plans to integrate yoga into her rehabilitation programs, as well as teach small, personalized classes.  Sarah looks at education, and a better understanding of the latest evidence in the field of physical therapy, as the best way to help people learn about their conditions, and to help people learn to take care of themselves throughout the life span.


Karen Litzy started her physical therapy career in an inpatient hospital in Scranton, Pa. Moving to New York a few years later she had the opportunity to work for the New York public school system, Broadway musicals and orthopedic outpatient clinics. While the work was rewarding, she always felt like she could do more to serve her clients. 

As she was searching for ways to provide a more comprehensive approach to practicing physical therapy she became overwhelmed with requests from clients to be seen in their home or office. This was an opportunity to provide not just convenience, but a different kind of practice. By adopting a “concierge” model, she could dedicate a full hour of one-on-one treatment to each and every client. Now she had ample time to evaluate, treat and re-evaluate. The concierge model allowed me the time to provide vital client education. Her clients would now benefit from a comprehensive home education program. 

As part of her commitment to her clients and her career, She is constantly engaging in continuing education. She has been lucky enough to learn directly from some of the best in the profession. She has received certificates from Dr. David Butler, Dr. Lorimer Moseley, Dr. Adriaan Louw, Dr. Paul Hodges, The Institute of Physical Art, The American Physical Therapy Association, Hospital for Special Surgery, and many more. She graduated from Misericordia University with her masters degree in Physical Therapy in 1997 and then graduated from the same university in 2014 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. 

She is the host of the podcast, Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart. The podcast provides up to date clinical information combined with business strategies from the best and brightest thought leaders in physical therapy, wellness and entrepreneurship. The show promotes the profession and provides a channel to get the most accurate information out there for both practicing physical therapists and everyday people. 

She is a proud member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Orthopedic Section of the APTA, the Section on Women’s health, the Home Health Section and the Private Practice Section of the APTA. She is also an official spokesperson for the APTA as a member of their media corps. 

Physical therapy is an ever evolving practice and for her, a personal journey. That’s why she’s committed to staying at the forefront of the industry. Through continuing education and her practice, she works to enrich myself so she can impart to others the true value of physical therapy. Her mission is to show people how physical therapy can improve their lives. This is what drives her to help her clients attain their own goals and for herself to build upon the work of those who have helped lead the way