This is Part I of Brandon Poen’s podcast mini series through the Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast in which we will be hearing from experts and leaders in the Physical Therapy Education realm from different roles to discuss the issues of DPT clinical education & the post-graduation professional path for physical therapists.  The following episodes will feature updates regarding advances to these issues, collaboration with individuals with differing roles to get different perspectives, and collaboration for ideas that can best help bring forth forward thinking ideas to facilitate discussions that lead to positive change.

For Part I we discuss the limitations of the current layout of PT clinical education and the post professional path along with some solutions as today we welcome for our panel of experts for this great discussion:

Dr. John Childs-CEO Evidence in Motion, Associate Professor & Director of Research, U.S. Army-Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy

Dr. Bob Rowe-  Executive Director of the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning, Member of the APTA BOD, Member of Best Practices in Physical Therapists Clinical Education Task Force, Member of the Education Leadership Partnership, & much more.

Dr. Gail Jensen- Prominent Educational Researcher, Faculty Associate, Center for Health Policy and Ethics; Dean, Graduate School and College of Professional Studies  Vice Provost for Learning and Assessment at Creighton University

These 3 bring a fun and informative discussion to the problems/solutions within DPT clinical education and the PT post professional path.