Dr. Ola Grimsby, Chief Consultant/Sole Proprietor of the Ola Grimsby Institute, comes onto HET Podcast to talk about Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions (STEP). Ola talks about his encounters with Oddvar Holten, how STEP was created, how STEP is unique compared to other exercise paradigms, key principles of STEP, limitations of STEP, evidence of STEP, the current state of exercise prescription in DPT education, and much more.

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Biography (Full  Biography: http://www.olagrimsby.com/profile/ola-grimsby/

Ola Grimsby has received international recognition for his expertise as both a clinician and instructor in orthopedic manual therapy. With an extensive background and education in athletics he focused on physical therapy and graduated from the Norwegian State Physiotherapy School and the Physical Therapy Department of Health in Oslo, Norway. In addition, he completed four years of postgraduate studies in orthopedic manual therapy with the Nordic Special Group for Manual Therapy and the Norwegian Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Grimsby is a certified manual therapy instructor in the Norwegian National Program. He has served as chairperson for the Nordic Group of Specialists in Manual Therapy and for the Instructors Council in the Norwegian Physical Therapy Association’s Section in Manual Therapy. He serves as chairperson for the Specialist Group in Manual Therapy at the Norwegian Physical Therapy Association.

He was Norway’s first executive member of IFOMPT and a founding member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.  Mr. Grimsby is the founder of the OGI International Consortium of Orthopedic Manual Therapy with educational programs and independent study programs worldwide. He founded the first manual therapy journal in Norway and was a member of the Editorial Board at the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in the US.  He has authored numerous books and articles in several languages. Under his leadership the Ola Grimsby Institute is granted the right to issue clinical doctoral degrees and PhD degrees in orthopedic manual therapy, and APTA accredited residency and fellowship programs throughout the US. In 1991 he received a Certificate of Authorization for Service as the Director of a California Postsecondary Educational Institution under CEC Section 94311. Ola Grimsby has received numerous honorary degrees and awards for his contributions to his profession.