Jack Chew (Creator of the 3R’s/ CEO and Founder of Chew’s Health/Host of the Physio Matters Podcast) comes onto HET Podcast to talk about the 3R’s event and physiotherapy education. The 3 R’s stands for  ‘Reasoning, Responsibility and Reform in MSK Practice’ which is a project that was launched in November 2017 by a partnership of two UK healthcare companies; Chews Health and Connect Health, to increase the depth and quality of conversation in Musculoskeletal practice.

If you want to attend ‘Reforming MSK Practice 2019’ then use ‘HET10’ at www.buytickets.at/reformingmsk for 20% off seats and virtual attendance.


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Specialist in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy with an interest in bringing rehabilitation, conditioning and injury recurrence reduction to the forefront of all treatment plans. Currently working as the MD of my baby: Chews Health Ltd. Chews Health HQ in Timperley, South Manchester providing Physiotherapy and Performance services. CH-HQ is also home to my office/studio from which me and the team broadcast our musings on various shows. Moving away from standard orthopaedic and biomedical practice is proving successful for patients and athletes with a variety of injuries and conditions. Alongside this, screening for surgical indication remains an important part of my role in all my professional capacities.Good quality exercise rehab alongside advanced educational techniques are primary focuses at present, particularly in treating troublesome chronic sports injuries. Current focus at Chews Health is for our consultants to underpin all treatment plans with expert pain education which is seldom seen in the private and sporting sectors.Written some articles. Butchered some blogs. Ranted on many a podcast.Google ‘The Physio Matters Podcast’ to hear my dulcet tones, then PLEASE, get in touch to disagree with me and my friends.


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